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AKO 300

High precision laser micro machining workstation with working area of 300x300x200 mm. In a standard configuration it's equipped with femtosecond laser, high accuracy galvo scanner and machine vision. Our flexible platform allows easy customization of the configuration.

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    • Equipped with world leading 40W femtosecond laser source for the best surface finish

    • High accuracy positioning stages and galvo scanners assures highest accuracy and part-to-part repeatability

    • Integrated machine vision and calibration tools allows automated precision machining


    • AKO 300 can be configured with multiple wavelengths, fixed beam and galvo scanner optics to match your application requirement

    • Our software platform allows performing different machining processes on the same machine

    •    AKO 300 can be equipped with gimbal for 5 axis + 3D galvo scanner machining of 3D shapes


    • 2D and 3D CAD models can be imported directly into machine software

    • Integrated machine vision provides instant quality inspection for process tuning

    • 3D surface profiler can be integrated as an option, for all-in-one process development tool


    AKO 300 is a versatile tool suitable for multiple applications.

    • SSAIL
    • Glass cutting
    • Glass marking
    • Drilling
    • Micro cutting
    • Laser process R&D


    Standard configuration Options
    Laser source DPSS femtosecond laser Fiber femtosecond laser, fiber nanosecond laser, multiple wavelengths
    Average laser power 40 W 10 - 200 W
    Positioning system XYZ linear stages, 2D galvo scanner XYZ1Z2 AB stages 3D galvo scanner Synchronized stages + galvo scanner motion 5 axis galvo scanner for 0 taper cutting
    Travel range 600x400x200 mm
    Machine vision Integrated machine vision with automatic pattern recognition 3D surface profiler

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