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Established in 2010, AKONEER is a Lithuanian designer and manufacturer of laser micromachining systems for industrial and scientific applications.

With advanced technology processes for machining semiconductors, solar cells, transparent, and extra hard materials, we provide complete laser micromachining equipment to meet even the most challenging needs of our clients, which include renowned universities, research centers, and industrial companies all over the world.

As a member of the Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster of Lithuania and backed by Applied Research Laboratories (FTMC, LTC, VU FF, KTU), we're also a participant in international R&D projects and have received national awards, including the "Innovation Award" and the "Product of the Year" awarded by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.


Years experience in ultrafast laser machining


Distributors worldwide


Industrial design award


Application tests per year


Laser Systems for Micromachining & Electronics

Used by science organizations, research centers, and industrial companies worldwide, the workstations we create utilize laser sources and advanced beam steering to achieve micrometer-scale precision and repeatability for cutting, drilling, micro-milling, welding, isolating, and intra-volume marking.

In 2022, we introduced laser machines for SSAIL technology, that enable fast printing of electronics on standard polymers, glass, ceramics, and other dielectric materials. Patented SSAIL technology is currently being validated for automotive, heterogeneous chip integration, and display industries.

Laser machines for patented SSAIL Technology

In-house & partnered application labs

Experts in ultrafast laser machining

Member of EPIC & TOOL’AS & LITEK clusters

Our partners

LLA connects professionals and organizations in Lithuania's laser and photonics industry


EPIC is the world's leading photonics industry association


Optica is the leading organization for professionals and organizations interested in the science of light


Cluster unites industry experts to develop advanced laser micromachining technologies


Laser & Engineering technologies cluster


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