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Low roughness and small feature size make laser engraving a versatile technique

  • Precise, reproducible and high-throughput laser engraving is a flexible technique for various applications: 

    • Serial number and logos, essential information applying on critical hardware
    • Mold making 
    • Jewelry and watch manufacturing
    • CNC tool manufacturing


    Laser engraving is a precise process that involves removing microscopic layers of material to create 2.5D shapes on a surface. To achieve clean and detailed features, it's essential to use ultra short laser pulses. These pulses deliver a substantial amount of energy without causing significant heating or melting of the material being treated.


    • High repeatability. The engraving outcome is consistently replicable due to controlled processing and the no tool wearing.
    • Delicate process suitable even for sensitive materials
    • Up to 9000 mm/s processing speed

    • Variety of materials
    • Engravings are wear resistant to external factors


    Some of the materials tested with our machines:

    • Metals
    • Glass
    • Ceramics
    • Polymers
    • Semiconductors
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