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Laser cutting of various materials with micron level accuracy.

  • AKONEER provides machines for laser cutting of various materials with micron level accuracy. Depending on the requirements of the surface quality and speed of the cut, we select a suiting femtosecond or nanosecond laser source and cutting technology.

    Some of the materials cut with our machines:

    • Glass (up to 20 mm thickness non tempered glass)
    • Si and SiC
    • Metal and polymer foils
    • PCD and composite materials
    • Ceramics
    • Sapphire
    • Various polymers

    The femtosecond laser cutting process relies upon the principle of cold ablation. The application of this method minimizes the thermal impact on the material and avoids deformations.

    Cutting can be performed on both 2D and 3D shapes, with the added advantage of flexible cutting trajectories. Versatile options such as circular, straight, or even intricate patterns can be cut, providing a wide range of possibilities for precise material removal.

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